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We are educators and parents who believe children are inspired by learning experiences. Education builds on the unique potential of every student, and should be relevant to the demands of the future.

Our educational vision is rooted in the Constructivist learning theory, informed by neuroscience and innovation, and exemplified by our learning community's respect and compassion for each child's unique strengths and challenges.

Lessons are mind-openers, providing inspiration to grow young minds.

Imagination School offers an imaginative, rigorous, and emotionally grounded learning environment. Guided by neuroscience (how we naturally learn) and anchored to the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, our education program is innovative, dynamic, and cutting-edge. Students merge their passions with knowledge, experiences, and skills to fuel their success.


The curriculum [at Imagination School] is so well thought out. For example they can take a subject that was difficult for my 4th grader, adding fractions with different denominators, and give my child an activity that allows him to visualize the concept. Then when he sees the math, it's not as intimidating as it was before. They make learning interesting is what he says. They use history to teach mathematics. They used Egyptian farming to explain pi. The kids are building a garden to learn about microbes and then start a non-profit to donate all the food they grow to shelters.

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