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June 22 - Aug 7


Imagination Lab School

Summer Camps @ ILS

Imagination Lab School and Quantum Camp have teamed up to provide authentic, discovery-based summer camps.

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Summer Camps @ ILS

Time & Location

June 22 - Aug 7

Imagination Lab School, Cubberley Community Center, Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA, USA

About The Event

Imagination Lab School and Quantum Camp are excited to offer hands-on, engagement-based camps designed to ignite curiosity and creativity. 

Each weeklong course is specially designed to meet the intellectual and developmental needs of learners multi-age groups. Camps are offered throughout the summer, beginning the week of June 22 and ending on August 7. 

Our summer camps include:


Paleobiology - Students journey in time to explore earth's formation and early life forms including dinosaurs, mammoths, and early humans through the study of fossils

Water Science - Students dive into how living organisms interact with the unique properties of water. Gain an understanding of the foundations of chemistry, biology, and engineering.

Solar Systems - Launch into a journey of our solar system, exclusively from a hands-on lab approach. Students will make discoveries on the physics of how our solar system works from their own experiments! 


Civil Engineering - Students pursue hands-on exploration of different types of structures and the physics behind them. Students invent, build, and test their structures.

Climate Science - Students explore the science behind weather and climate. From tornadoes to seasons, students will discover factors shaping our atmosphere.

Biomimicry - Students build devices which mimic the incredible engineering features of animals and plants.  


Chemical Reactions - Chemistry's amazing realities emerge through a study of chemical reactions. Students experiment to discover patterns of reactivity among the chemical elements. 

Neuroscience - Students probe one of the biggest remaining mysteries in science, the brain. Through clever experiments with our own 5 senses, students  build an understanding of how our brain works. 

Cosmology -  The quest to makes sense of universe begins by discovering the physics behind the motion of the start and planets. By the end, students will have solved the problem of tides, seasons, and time itself. 


Engines and Entropy - Students apply concepts of force, pressure, volume, and temperature to discover how engines works. Surprisingly, this works leads to a discovery of entropy, a grand idea which underpins nothing less than the fate of our universe. 

Geophysics - The curiosity sparked by the majestic beauty of earth’s great mountain systems leads to series of experiments, which culminate in one of the greatest achievements in all of science - formulation of plate tectonic theory. 

Atomic Physics - What explains the color of fire? Newton's intuitive and logical physical laws were inadequate to make sense of fire and color. Embark on a path which ultimately leads to uncover the nature the hydrogen atom

Periodic Table - Students conduct the major experiments that led to the most impressive achievement in chemistry: assembling all matter in the universe into an organized structure that expresses all chemical principles.

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