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Welcome to the Middle Years!

Learning is an adventure at ILS!
Our learning guides are coaches, facilitators, and mentors who develop strong relationships with each student.

"We wanted a school that reflected our values of high expectations while being supportive and loving. We have always valued diversity, and as a graduate level educator myself, I have a strong appreciation for pedagogy and the value of innovation in education. We have always appreciated the strong partnership with the entire team. They build curious, resilient, and motivated lifelong learners. The learning guides are there to help our children grow, discover, and feel. We appreciate the emphasis on social-emotional learning (SEL)--a buzzword many schools use these days but don't always employ. We have always valued the efforts to build community through partnerships with local sources of enrichment including art, agriculture, robotics, chess, and financial empowerment."  Parent of an ILS graduate

"Society pulls children out of a safe, comfortable environment – elementary school – and throws them into a separate facility at the time when they most need to remain in protective, familiar surroundings."

Janna Juvovne, author of “Focus on the Wonder Years: Challenges Facing the American Middle School

The middle years program at ILS includes fifth through eighth grade. Our multi-age approach is specifically designed to nurture and guide students on their journey to becoming responsible, thoughtful, and actively engaged adults.


Our middle school team understands the challenges, unique needs, and wonders of pre-adolescent and adolescent development. They are a passionate and dedicated group who love working with these fast-paced, dynamic age groups. 

The focus for grades 5-6 involves putting students at the center of their learning to support a happy transition from childhood to adolescence. Classes are taught in small group formats that encourage collaboration and active problem-solving. They have a dynamic schedule that includes classes from multiple disciplines, time for peer and independent work, and opportunities to learn from their mistakes.


This continues in grades 7-8 as we extend the skills, concepts, and learning styles developed in previous grades to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities in high school and beyond. The result is a community of enthusiastic learners who are comfortable in their own skin, understand their strengths and challenges, are well-prepared both academically and intellectually, are able to advocate for themselves and others, and are able to take meaningful action in their lives and their communities. 

Preparation for the high school application process begins in seventh grade. Our graduates are coveted additions to the many high school communities to which they apply. ILS graduates now attend:

  • Design Tech High School

  • The Waldorf School

  • Stanford Online High School

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