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Welcome to Kindergarten!

Learning is hand-on and playbased.
Joy and discovery are the center of the learning process.
We ignite and nurture children's curiosity, creativity & confidence!

"ILS is all about cooperation and partnership, unlike the feeling we got from traditional schools where a teacher is an authority distanced from their students. We see that even though our son is very young, his voice is heard and he is respected and he is taught how to respect others in return."  ILS parent

We rely on a deep knowledge of child development to build hands-on learning experiences

for children and a strong classroom community grounded in positive, trusting relationships.

The ILS kindergarten program encourages children to learn through experiences as they begin their journey in elementary school. Our child-centered curriculum introduces concepts in mathematics, literacy, and STEAM while focusing on core themes like community and culture. We draw inspiration from the Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, and Montessori approaches as we incorporate contemporary research about childhood development and learning into our practice. 

Social and emotional development is the foundation of our program. Children are encouraged to think about concepts like equity, social justice, and sustainability through their interactions with one another. They are encouraged to find and exercise their unique voices in authentic and meaningful ways. An appreciation of diverse cultures and identities is woven into everyday learning through music, stories, creative play, and class discussions.


Our curriculum encourages children to ask why, to form connections, and to pursue their interests. We embrace each child’s unique way of thinking and recognize that children learn by both exploring and observing their environments. Instruction is tailored to individual interests and abilities, so children start their academic journey with confidence.

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