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The Elementary Program

Weekly chess helps students develop their thinking and awareness.
Our warm and welcoming environment provides multiple spaces for student collaboration.

"This is our son's 3rd year at ILS and we couldn't be happier with our experience and the growth our son has undergone both academically and socially. We noticed that our son is developing a bigger sense of responsibility and ownership towards his assignments and projects as well as his behavior. We see him being empowered and believing in himself, being happy every single day at the idea of going to school and not wanting to leave it as the day finishes."  ILS parent

The focus on fostering the social and emotional lives of children continues in the elementary years with an emphasis on community. Children explore connections with their peers, learn to solve problems together, and deepen their understanding of themselves. 


The child-centered instruction seen in the foundational years expands in the elementary years to include more discrete skills and concepts through an authentic and integrated approach to core content areas. Direct learning experiences are supplemented by other sources of knowledge as students learn to gather information from books, museums, pictures, documents, interviews, and internet searches.

At the core of the our progressive curriculum from the elementary through the middle years are the United Nation's Sustainability Goals. Like the ILS mission, these goals reflect an unwavering commitment to equity, social justice, and sustainability. Under the guidance and support of their learning guides, students make powerful connections between events from distant places and times and their own experiences. Projects draw on and build each child’s developing skills as a mathematician, reader, writer, scientist, and creator.

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