During these unprecedented times, ILS remains a relationship-based community of learners committed to empowering each child to know themselves, find and exercise their voice, seek to understand multiple perspectives, and take meaningful action.

Flexible  & Fluid

Intentional & Responsive

Purposeful & Iterative

As an intentionally small community, ILS is uniquely positioned to offer both fully remote and in-person learning experiences. 


ILS has applied for the Elementary School Waiver and looks forward to welcoming new and returning students in-person ASAP. 

Features of our Fully Remote Program

ILS will begin the school year with a fully remote program beginning Aug 26, 2020. While we will offer in-person classes within one week of being granted permission by the County Public Health Office, ILS will continue to offer a fully remote program to support our students throughout the pandemic. Features of our "At-Home Program" include:

  • Learning will take place in synchronous whole class, small group, and 1:1 settings 

  • Asynchronous learning blocks will support and extend student engagement with skills, concepts, and knowledge

  • Each day will begin with Morning Meeting and end with Closing Meeting

  • Subject-based learning blocks and interdisciplinary project blocks support rich and authentic learning in Reading, Writing, Maths, STEAM, Mandarin, and Physical Education

  • Students will learn with and from experts in a wide variety of disciplines including the Arts through virtual field trips, online workshops, and interdisciplinary projects

  • Regular and ongoing communication and feedback will continue to inform and shape the schedule and program

  • ILS will continue optional, mixed-age virtual aftercare sessions to support SEL connections across cohorts

  • ILS will continue to offer Parent/Guardian workshops, meetings, and trainings to support a strong home & school partnership

  • Back to School Nights, Talent Shows, Learning Exhibitions and other school events will continue to grow and evolve as virtual events

Features of our Dual Program

Flexibility and fluidity are core values at ILS. The goals of the Dual Program offerings include creating membership and partnership across both in-person and remote cohorts, while supporting the divergent needs of each cohort. Building off the features of our Remote Program, the Dual Program includes:

  • A comprehensive Safety & Wellness Plan that supports all students, families and staff

  • Daily synchronous connections between in-person and remote cohorts 

  • Flexible whole class, small group, and 1:1 settings to support the divergent needs of in-person and remote cohorts, as well as the individuals within the cohorts

  • Independent Study & Feedback (ISF) times to support personalization, enrichment, and remediation

  • Small classes with dedicated cohort-only indoor and outdoor spaces 

  • Individualized school supplies, including a 1:1 Chromebook program, to minimize sharing

  • Dedicated materials and supplies for each cohort 

  • Dedicated, cohort-based spaces for recess and lunch

  • A 30-minute rolling dropoff and pickup period for students attending in-person classes

  • Regular all-school events that are inclusive of individual cohorts, be they in-person or remote to provide SEL connections across the grades/ages

  • Access to and use of the abundant outdoor resources and spaces within 1-mile of campus