Summer @ ILS

Join us for a summer of creativity, discovery & fun! 

We are offering two summer sessions for ages 5-7 and ages 8-12. 


Ages 5-7: Game Design: This two week summer program asks students to analyze the components of a game and what makes a game fun. In the spirit of Caine’s Arcade, children will use cardboard, recycled materials, electronics, and other materials to create their own arcade and transform the classroom into a game room to experience with their parents by the end of the two weeks!



Ages 5-7: Robot Petting Zoo: During this two week summer session, students will learn the basics for circuits and understand what makes a robot special. We will think about how living creatures move and how we can simulate that movement. They will work collaboratively to build a Robot Petting Zoo as a final exhibit to share during our Family Showcase on Aug 2.

Ages 8-12: Tiny House Project: Students will learn about design and sustainability as they develop and build their own Tiny House Neighborhood using repurposed and found materials. The session will culminate with a Family Showcase on Aug 2 where students will share their learnings and creations.