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Are you searching for a school that will ignite your child's confidence, curiosity, and creativity?



Imagination Lab School (ILS) is a kindergarten to grade 8 school serving elementary and middle school students throughout Silicon Valley. We are an intentionally small, relationship-based community of student and adult learners.

As a close-knit and diverse community, our students, families, and educators come together within a culture that values inquiry, effective communication, and collaboration.

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Thank you for your interest in Imagination Lab School. We look forward to being in touch soon. In the meantime, please explore our school some more.

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"Our son takes an interest in what is happening in the world and how he can make it a better place to live."


If your family joins our community, we promise to empower your child to:

  • Know themselves: This includes having a positive sense of self, owning their strengths and challenges in academic and non-academic areas, and having the skills, knowledge, and habits needed for continual growth. 

  • Find and exercise their voice: We believe your child has a unique and important voice. We help them to find their voice and develop appropriate strategies to advocate for themselves and others. 

  • Seek to understand multiple perspectives: From solving a math problem to addressing a global crisis, your child will learn to think critically and consider different perspectives when approaching any topic. 

  • Take meaningful action: Your student is not simply consumers of knowledge, they are engaged, empowered, and empathetic individuals with the strength of character and the strength of voice to make a difference in the world. 

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